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Opened: C# and .Net framework forum at

I'm proud to announce that the Forums section of is now re-opened with a new look and feel (and a new system underneath - lots of bugs with the old one). I'll be managing the C# and .Net framework forum so feel free to drop in ans ask questions relating to those subjects.  is claiming(trying?) to be main site for Israeli developers of all languages, and is of course, in Hebrew (so are the forums). Some people find it easier to read in native tongue which I totally respect.
In other news, here's a little tidbit that I already found through the forum:
You can read the whole book aniline. The book ain't that great, but if you want to learn C# programming and you absolutely do not want to deal with English - this is a place to start with.
Another Israeli .Net forum that is very active is this one:
lots of great answers there too so you might want to try and check out there as well.

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