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Post-TechEd-Israel-Dinner and a little about Indigo

The night after Tech-Ed Israel, Yosi Taguri arranged for a small dinner with a few MVPs and friends. Among the guests were Dino Esposito, Shy Cohen - PM on the Indigo team, and Hans Verbeek - Tech evangelist for SQL and Yukon. It was a lot of fun. I posted pics from the dinner at my photo blog.
I got to talking with Shy Cohen a little bit about Indigo and how it relates to a presentation about ShadowFax/FABRIQ tha we had seen at tech ed. One of the things I go from this lecture was that Shadowfax was a framework that enabled you to achieve some of the things Indigo is all about in terms of SOA pipelines and messages.
First shy said this was not really the case and we went into kind of a deep conversation about what Indigo is really all about.  it was really interesting. Unfortunately - I was pretty drunk so I can't remember half of it. Talk about a lack of WS-Reliability :)

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