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[ot] Piano is love

I've discovered the joy of the piano. I've always been musically incllined. I played the drums as a kid (I bet some of my old neighbours still remember it “affectionately”...), learn the flute (though I recall nothing), I've been playing classical guitar for the past 7 years (no notes, just hearing and mimicing) and I've always wanted to dabble with playing the keyboard of a musical instrument. Luckily our new apratment came already equipped with a piano. Nothing fancy but it sure gets the job done.
So I've been “playing” on it. Well, “playing” is a harsh word. Perhaps “Experimenting” would be better.
The cool thing is that I can just sit there and find some key combination that sounds great to me and just hit it for like 10 minutes with various levels of power, letting it ring out, echo...  It's wonderful.
Today I've even learned how to play two of my favorite beatels songs: “Let it be” and “Imagine”. Again - “Experimenting” is more like it. I guess my implementation of these songs is kinda like how Windows 1.0 is compared to Windows XP - “eh” summs it up nicely. “Stop that” even better. But I like it.
Of course - my wife is nowhere near the house right now - she's “visiting friends” - meaning “You will not see me until you stop that horrid thing”.

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