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VB is rubbish? rubbish.

I have to say, as a Mort myself, some of what he says is true, and has been said before, but some of it is just total miundestanding of the reasons for the differences between the languages. I'll tryo to answer some of it:
“The crummy thing has case insensitive names so POINT = Point = point which is totally ridiculous!

This is not something I've just discovered BTW.. I just feel compelled to stand on top of a building somewhere and scream about what total rubbish VB really is!”
Really? I thought is was th other way around when I started with C#. Why the hell do I want canse sensitivity? so I can write code that has multiple variables with the same name only differed by casing? how maintainable, readable and understandable is that?
Why don't VB programmers feel insulted at having "advanced members" hidden from them by default?
We do. It is insulting. I wish that changed.
What is it with "overloads overrides" I mean, really, it's one or the other right? Sure, you can override an overload but the method signature is defined in the base class so henceforth, it's just an override. If you have a method name with the same name as some other and the parameter list is different, its just an overload. Why should you even need to declare it?? The blasted compiler already knows but no. we have to write the "overloads" in explicitly. If you don't write it in, the compiler tells you to put it in! WHATS WRONG WITH DOING IT IN THE COMPILER LIKE A REAL PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE WOULD????
It's so explicit so that the code's intention is more redable. I don't write code for my compiler. I mostly write code for the next developer who maintains my code. They don't have to go browsing to see if somethign is an overload, override or any such other “hidden” behavior. Sure, sometimes it gets alittle wordy, but I'd rather have more words and understand what I'm looking at that having something a only a compiler understands.
Me? MyBase? These are terms for 7 year old children!
um... ok...
Line continuation characters??? AARRGGHH!!
Yeah that sucks too. I wish there was a way to incorportate a feature like “option lineMarkers 0“ or something.
As a C, C++, C# programmer, when I have to program in VB because of the requirements of a client, I get the distinct impression that I've become a second-class citizen who operates on a strict need-to-know basis and who is credited with little or no intelligence by the designers of the language. Am I the only person who feels this way?
you're kinda overreacting.  a lot of this is simply culture shock, nothing more.
that said, Sometimes I feel the same way too. We are not alone.

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