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MbUnit is coming along, and I get to have some of my ideas thrown in

Peli is doing an awesome job. One wonders where he finds the time. I think he's experiencing the creativity boost I experienced when I was “on my own” for three months a while ago. Remember? I made The Regulator and 3 MSDN articles and a bunch of contest and a record blog entries amount. Yeah - I had no life whatsoever. Its fun to see I'm not alone :)
Anyway - MbUnit - Peli's pet project (one of many very cool projects he's doing) is taking off. Sky rocketing actually. MbUnit's GUI now looks like Nunit, and it allows doing all the things I already talked about in my blog for unit testing databases (the various rollback attributes and the DB restore stuff too).
Now he added another feature (which I'm proud to say I suggested) - Performance testing via Perf Counters using simple attributes.  Very Cool indeed. It took about 45 minutes after I suggested it for him to tell me its done. (that's good. It took him less than 10 minutes to tell me the Rollback attribute is done - we didn't even finish our current chat - I swear he could have programmed that feature with one hand while still talking to me on IM - creepy).
Anyway, he's now added yet another feature to his TestFu library - which allows various interesting data database related automated chores such as back and restore , A dependency graph for your database. very nice and cool.
Keep it up Peli. You're doing some major breakthroughs for testing.

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