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TDD workshop in Atlanta, Georgia - are you up to it?

Appearently this TDD workshop thing is picking up quite a momentum. After 3 such meetings I have 3 already setup full with attendees, and even a few interested clients willing to pay up front for a full course on these issues. Also, through the blog - people in the netherlends woudl really like to have a workshop there (which I'd gladly go - but someone would have to finance this trip).
Also, Today I got this email:
Wes Shaddix from ,Georgia (USA)  asks the following:


“I am interested in promoting TDD in the Atlanta, Georgia (USA) area. Do

 you have anyone that you know over here that we could maybe startup a TDD



Well? Anyone know anyone?

Not the PhD type, I guess

TDD workshop went well - ready for the next one?