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The SQL Server usability advantage

OK. I'll say it here - I fear Oracle a bit. I know it is psychological - or isn't it?
“...But backing up Oracle always struck me like trying to walk a cow to a different pasture by butchering it, wrapping all the parts in grocery-store plastic, trucking it, and then re-assembling the cow.  I mean, don't these things walk?  It's a tribute to all the Oracle DBAs out there that anything ever gets accomplished in Oracle.  Oracle DBAs ought to have their own soundtrack, like the selections from Khachaturian's “Sabre Dance“ played for all those plate-spinners and jugglers that used to be on the Ed Sullivan Show.  (“Da-da-da-da da-da-da-da daahh-da-da-da daahh-da-da-da...“) ...“
Call me crazy but I think the fact that SQL server is such a breeze to handle (usability wise) is one of the most important things. what good is a monster if you can't(or find it really hard or intimidating) make it work for you? I'd Rather have a “Monst” that does the job and listens to me with a wagging tail. BTW: one thing I'd really like in SQL server that I know Oracle has: Identities that are unique across multiple tables (I can't remember the right word for that now ).
I feel that the fact that Oracle seems to actually make it hard on people to maintain the database easily without hiring a monster trainer for the most simple tasks shows neglect and lack of user listening (or on the other hand shows greed “You want maintenance? we'll sell you some”). Am I crazy?
BTW: the post I'm referring to does not necessarily talk about how great SQL server is. In fact - it talks about an annoying flaw. But the following bit from that post also cracked me up at 1.22 am (while my wife is asleep):
“Question:  If the DBMS knew you were approaching the end of your rope, why didn't it say something?  My working hypothesis is that it's kind of like when your wife wants you to take out the trash, but all she says is, “The trash can is almost full.“  Not, “Honey, will you please take out the trash?“  Her objective is not to get you to take out the trash; rather, it is to improve you, the husband, morally and spiritually -- while at the same time getting you to take out the trash.  You're supposed to infer, based on the facts she's provided, that you need to do it.  I say, this is more like training than housekeeping.  My wife insists that she must therefore be a very poor trainer.  But trust me, she's keeping score.“

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