I'll try not to get too corny here. I promise.
Yesterday's lecture at the .Net architects group about XP and agile methods went quite well.. to say the least.
I had quite a surprise waiting for me when I started. I was just presenting myself at the first slide in front of about 60 people, when all of a sudden Yosi Taguri jumps on stage shouting “You forgot something!”. He then continues to publicly ESc my presentation slide and change the slide in powerpoint (everyone is still watching) to say “Roy Osherove, MVP” . This was followed by about 5 minutes where Yosi explained to the room what MVP is all about and how they actually blocked email that should have gotten to me earlier just so that he could make this into a surprise. Well, Yosi, it worked :)
I wasn't going to post about this until I got a confirmation email but since Udi has been kind enough to tell the world already I guess I have no choice. So, yes. I'm going to be an MVP. I'm honored to be part of a group which holds in it some of the most amazing people I know (even if only by the blogsphere).
So, thanks. I appreciated being noticed and appreciated.

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