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"Buy first, ask questions later"

Jeff likes RegexBuddy, and I'd like to believe it's that good. I'd like to try it out. Unfortunately, their web page says the following:

"There is no free evaluation version of RegexBuddy. You can safely buy RegexBuddy right away. Our online purchase form is secured with strong encryption, and your purchase is guaranteed by our three month unconditional money-back guarantee. Where other companies quibble about software not being returnable and all that, we stand firmly behind our products. I am sure that as soon as you start using RegexBuddy, you will find that at US$ 29.95, RegexBuddy offers excellent value for money."

Sorry - I hate being forced to "Buy first, ask questions later". I just don't work that way with software of this kind. It does look pretty cool, but what's the motivation for not being able to download and try?

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