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Help the Tsunami Victims of Banda Aceh - Buy an hour of Top-Notch Consulting

"It looks like Scott was the first to blog this...

A bunch of us, championed by Julia Lerman and Stephen Forte are going to auction an hour each of our consulting time to benefit the Tsunami victims of Banda AcehALL of the money will go to help the victims.

Within the next 48 hours the auctions will appear on eBay. Links will be posted as soon as they show up. Here are the participants.

Michelle Leroux Bustamante, Jonathan Goodyear, Andrew Brust, Richard Campbell, Adam Cogan, Malek Kemmou, Jackie Goldstein, Ted Neward, Kathleen Dollard, Hector M Obregon, Patrick Hynds, Fernando Guerrero, Kate Gregory, Joel Semeniuk, Scott Hanselman, Barry Gervin, Clemens Vasters, Jorge Oblitas, Stephen Forte, Jeffrey Richter, John Robbins, Jeff Prosise.


[For more details - read Jackie's weblog]

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