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A new face lift for AxTools CodeSmart

One of my all time favorite addins for VS.NET/VB6 just got another face-lift(I especially like the C++ additions):
We are pleased to announce that we have just released CodeSMART 2005 for VS.NET.
Packed with many features and valuable tools, it currently represents the most advanced collection of utilities for Visual Studio .NET versions 2002 and 2003.
What's new in CodeSMART 2005 for VS.NET - TOP PICKS ===================================================
1.  CodeSMART now offers support for Visual C++ projects in several of its
    subsystems: 'Code Explorer', 'Extended Find and Replace', 'AutoText',
    'SmartComplete', 'Code Snippets', 'Multiple Copy and Paste Buffers'.
2.  SmartComplete brings an Intellisense-like list with language (VB.NET, C#,
    C++) keywords, statements and global functions that are missing from the
    standard Intellisense list.
3.  Designer Explorer: offers a convenient and simple way to visualize and
    navigate a designer's control hierarchy.
4.  Code Flow: can parse any method's code and produce a tree representing the
    logical code flow (somehow similar to a code flowchart). The tree can also
    be used to navigate the parsed method in the VS.NET code editor.
5.  Tab Order Designer: an AutoOrder feature was included to automatically set
    the tab order (the algorithm orders controls left to right, top to bottom).
6.  HotKey Designer: a simple and convenient way for designer control hotkey
    automatic management.
 ... and many more! For a comprehensive what's new list, see:

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