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[Larkware Contest Winner] Snapper: Snap your daily computer usage

The Larkware Coding Contest came to an end this week, and boy, were they giving out some grand prizes. As a judge I couldn't participate in it, but I did get to check out all the cool stuff.
The first place goes to Snapper (By Leon Bambrick & Atli Björgvin Oddsson) , which simply sits in the tray and captures your daily computer activities into images ever X seconds. Then you can looks back at your day to remember what you've done for the hourly report.
I like the concept, especially since I was listening the other day to an ITConversations recorded show regarding cool stuff coming from the Microsoft Research Labs. One of the things mentioned there is a "life recorder" which you wear around your neck and it takes pictures and records sound based on various events. Very cool.

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