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Nice article on ordering code construction tasks by Jeremy Miller

Jeremy Miller has some sound advice and an interesting read on the order of code construction (a nice "Where should I start building my project, and how do I continue to implement the various pieces of the infrastructure" piece)
"it’s easier to make a change by going around a framework or drilling exception cases into a framework with “if/then” statements, you’ve created a viscous framework that’s might be causing you more harm than good.  If you start to hear the phrases “can’t we just go around the framework?” or “this would be easier without the framework” or even worse “we need to get [Some Guy] to change the framework first” you’ll know that you’re going down a painful path with your framework. "
"Time and time again I’ve learned or observed that projects go much smoother when you build vertically instead of horizontally.  What I mean by this is that you build a new system by creating a feature at a time with the entire stack of UI, business logic, and database work to make the feature fully functional.  As you build new features you religiously eliminate duplication to avoid creating a Stovepipe anti-pattern and harvest reusable code."
This is a good read mostly because Jeremy talks out of his own experiences and also failures, taking pride in what h and his teams have learned from them. Subscribed.

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