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Met some nice people in Prague

I got to meet some really interesting people while I was in Prague.
Take Ernst Kuschke for example. Ernst is from South Africa and he's a C# MVP. He's also an avid fan of Agile development and is in fact practicing it with his team at work. Here's his Blog.
Ernst actually recognized me at one of the meetings and came to say hello. We got to talking about various opportunities of me coming over to maybe do some talks as part of INETA. Who knows, it just might work out.
I also got to meet a guy named Francois. He's from Ghana, and is the only MVP from his country. How cool is that?
I also got to meet people from all over the middle east/east Europe regions including places which are very close to Israel like Greece. Also met some cool people from Croatia which, one of them even was kind enough to let me use his room for shower and a quick nap after we already had to do a checkout.  I'd like to thank him by name and link but unfortunately I lost some of the business cards to my trip back home. So, if you're reading this, Please contact me. He's a SQL MVP and gave a fine talk about watch-outs in Yukon for developers.

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