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Updater is the new DCOM

I know I've been somewhat "Agile-Focused" these past few months. I almost feel bad for all those people who read my blog for cool technical stuff. I've become a bore on non-agile stuff, haven't I? Well, that's how I feel anyway.
The main reason is that I've been busy building up my new business. It's actually going quite great. to the point that I have even less time than before, actually.
I did get to do some tech stuff today - I had to implement the updater application block on a 2003 project. Boy, did that hurt. It still does not work perfectly, mainly because of various configuration issues.
Is the updater application block the new DCOM? (useful, but you need a free week to make it work).
So, anyway. I hope to have some time for a few tips in that regard during the weekend. I hope. Don't hate me.

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