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Integration and interoperability resources

Here's a great list of interoperability and integration resources on the web. Some of these are well know, some are a gem just waiting to be discovered. Some are great books about integration and enterprise patterns you should be reading when dealing with these issues.
I got the list off of an email that represents an exclusive course that will take place next month. It's a pretty closed registration, and the list you see here is simply the prerequisite list for this course :). So I said to myself "well, we can at least learn what we don't know from this list..."
I checked some of this out and it's great stuff, so I decided to put all of it in one place for future reference:

patterns & practices Live: Microsoft .NET - J2EE Application Interoperability - Level 200

Interoperability and Integration using Web Services - An Industry Perspective - Level 200

Interoperability and Integration Using Web Services - Level 300

patterns & practices Live: Integration Patterns - Level 200

patterns & practices Live: Integration Patterns Level 200

patterns & practices Live: .Net Enterprise Solution Patterns Level 200

patterns & practices Live: Shadowfax - Level 300 

patterns & practices Live: Service Patterns

patterns & practices Live: J2EE Interoperability

patterns & practices Live: Web Services Interoperability Profile 1.0 

Architecting Solutions to More Easily Access, Integrate, and Deliver Mainframe-based Data in the .NET Environment

.NET and J2EE Interoperability

Enterprise Architecture Design and the Integrated Architecture Framework (Journal article)

Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture, Addison-Wesley Longman, Inc., 2002

Enterprise Integration Patterns, Pearson Education, 2003 (book)

Enterprise Solution Patterns Using Microsoft .NET, Microsoft Corporation, June 2003 (website)

Integration Patterns, Microsoft Press, 2004 (Full book in PDF!)

NUnit in Hebrew?

[Audio Interview] Charlie Poole, NUnit lead developer - on NUnit, XP, TDD and much more