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Migrating Nunit 1.0 to 2.2.2 - step by step walkthrough

I recently recieved this in the email from a fellow named Eli Ofek which I got to work with here and there Eli is a great guy and passionate abou this work so he felt he had to share a good experience and walkthrough on his blog.
The quote explains everything.
"Hi Roy,
A few months ago I consulted you regarding migration from Nunit 1.0 to 2.2.2.
Last week we finally took the step and made it happen.
Me & Galia decided to document the process & publish it in case any one else needs it.
I published it in my blog:
If you know other people who still use 1.0, you might want to point them to the page, it might be helpful.
I have some more ideas that will be published there too later on if time will permit ...


¯`'·.¸(¯`'·.¸ ---=== Eli Ofek ===--- ¸.·'´¯)¸.·'´¯



Coolness. Thanks Eli :)

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