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TDD Workshop - NUnit Basics, 5 places left

If you'd like to participate in this you must send an email to with your name and contact details. Since we have a limit on the number of people, this is a must to be able to attend. Your name will also be used to add as a security pass to enter Amdocs, so it won't be possible to simply show up up at the door on that day without pre-arranging it, sorry.
The meeting will be held at:
Wednesday, 29/6/2005
At Amdocs Hod Hasharon (See arrival instructions here).
The meeting will be a total of 3 hours with the following agenda:
18:00 - 19:00 Test Driven Development basics with NUnit and .NET
19:00-21:00   Hands on lab - test driven development with NUnit.
Material covered:
  • NUnit attributes
  • Writing unit tests, naming standards
  • What's TDD? (+ demo) and what's TestDriven.NET?
  • Hands on exercises with everything you've seen.
We'll also have some food during the lab, courtesy of Amdocs.
More info:
This TDD workshop is the perfect place if you'd like to get a taste of what Test Driven Development is all about, but never really got the chance to find out on your own. The only thing required as a participant is working knowledge of .NET (1 year experience) either with C# or VB.NET. The rest is on us.
Don't expect to leave the workshop as an expert. A standard course on this can take up to 5 days, so 3 hours is just a glimpse. But, expect to leave with better knowledge and many more questions in your head! :)
Once you've finished this workshop, we are planning advanced workshops as well for people who've already done the basics, so consider this just the beginning!
The first hour is a lecture by Roy Osherove, one of the leading voices in Israel in the topic of Agile Development. The rest is a pure coding exercise where you are required to perform some simple coding tasks in a test driven manner.
The exe rices are escorted by Roy, making sure you do the right moves and not the wrong moves every step of the way.

TDD Workshop - JUnit basics, open for registration

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