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Agile Israel News & Updates

If you haven't been to the last Agile Israel meeting in June, here are some things announced there:
  • Fixed meeting date
The Agile Israel group has a fixed date each month. The group meets on the fourth Monday of each month. That means the next group meeting is Monday - July 25th. Please update your calendars for all future meetings as well.
  • Next TDD workshop on July 18th 
The previous workshop scheduled to be on June was canceled due to the horrible traffic jams that were expected. The next meeting however will be on July 18 and will focus on Basic Unit testing and test driven principles using Nunit and .NET (VB or C#). We already have 10 attendees and 2 more are required to fill the quota for that meeting. If you'd like to attend, send an email to TDDWorkshop AT expressing your wish. You have to be confirmed in order to attend. It will not be possible to just show up, since the number of people per group is limited to 12 (so each person get more attention during training).
  • Express your interest in a future events and workshops
If you'd like to attend a future TDD workshop after July 18th, we're planning several types of events:
  1. NUnit Basic training workshop (just like July 18th)
  2. NUnit advanced workshop (If you've done the first or have basic knowledge in NUnit)
  3. NUnit Expert workshop (If you're familiar with Mock Objects and have done your share of testing already)
  4. -------------------
  5. JUnit Basic training workshop (just like July 18th)
  6. JUnit advanced workshop (If you've done the first or have basic knowledge in JUnit)
  7. JUnit Expert workshop (If you're familiar with Mock Objects and have done your share of testing already)
  8. Blogger/Geek Dinner
If you'd like to attend one of these (please choose *only one* for now), please send an email to
TDDWorkhop at copying the exact line you're interested in. The most popular workshops will be done first and you'll be notified with an option to register for them.
All workshops are 3 hours length, are totally free, and fun. 1 hour presentation +2 hours hands-on exercises with a guide looking over your shoulder. How's that for an opportunity to learn?
One more thing - you have to be registered on the Agile Israel site to attend. That's our way of making sure you get notified if some things change, and that you'll know about future meetings. If you'd like to bring a friend or three, that's cool - as long as they register on the site and register separately to the events. We need to know exactly who's coming.
If you'd like to do a Blogger/Geek dinner at some nice restaurant - send an email to dinner at saying what kind of food you like and whether you'd like Kosher or veggie meals. Might be fun to just hang out and maybe talk agile on some beers/pizza :)
  • Talk at the next Agile Israel meeting
If you have a topic you'd like to talk about in front of the group, or maybe a nice subject to bring up on which we can have a nice discussion - send an email to suggestions at . In fact, use this email to suggest anything that's on your mind that could be better. Let us know what we can do better.
  • Microphone purchase
Last meeting I've announced that I'm collecting money from people (10-20 NIS each) for two purposes. The first was registering the group with the Agile Alliance organization. The second was to purchase a low cost wireless clip-on microphone so that future meetings could be recorded easily with better sound quality.
Some of you have already donated some money which, you'd like to know, has already been spent on making both of this causes come true.
The group is now officially recognized as part of the Agile Alliance which as it turns out, did not cost anything. Membership is free. However, the microphone should be on its way and arrive by the time the next meeting will take place. The Microphone cost has been covered partially by funds from the people in the group and the rest by my own.
Hopefully ,the next meeting's sound quality will be superb. (The last meeting's audio is still being edited and perfected for better quality and will be online in the coming week or two)
That's it for this update batch. Feel free to reply if you have anything in terms of feedback.
See you next meeting!

Congratulations, Ohad. Twofold!

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