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Upcoming Audio Interviews from TechEd Europe

TechEd Europe is Done. Here's a great summary of some of the sessions and the overall spirit of things.
I've been pretty busy networking and getting to know many of the speakers I've always read or heard and wanted to get closer to. It was hard, but by the last day of the conference I managed to end up with 6 recorded interviews, 1 failed one (which will be redone) and some new friends.
2 of the interviews: A chat with BJ Holtgrewe, Evangelist for Visual Studio Tools for Office at the conference and a chat with Scott Woodgate about BizTalk, will only be released in the coming weeks as part of the MS EMEA Beta 2 Experience, and I'll share the download links directly from them as they become available.
The others are:
  • A chat with Randy Miller, one of the people behind MSF and MSF Agile
  • A chat with Steve Cook, one of the people behind the book "Software Factories"
  • A chat with Ingo Rammer and Christian Weyer about distributed systems architecture
  • A chat with David Platt (which was screwed up with bad audio and will be re-recorded)
The last four will be published on the coming weeks on the Team Agile Website, along with the other interviews I've already done. I've also done some video shooting on the exhibition floor at TechEd. Hopefully that will be on a more or less viewable quality and I'll have that downloadable as well sometime in the near weeks or so, but that one is still a little shaky since it wasn't my camera and so on...

Udi Dahan - MVP, finally.

Sessions done at TechEd