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Bloggers call to action: Fight comment spammers by moderating comments easily with .TEXT

Right now the best way I have to fight comment spammers is to moderate all comments. That means that automatically, any comment on the blog is not shown unless I specifically allow it to.
If you have a .TEXT blog, you can easily do this as well. If we all do this, comment spammers will eventually figure out that this is not working and will have to come up with something else, but in the meantime we'll get rid of them.
here's how:
go into the administration part of your .TEXT blog.
  • click the "options" tab
  • click "preferences"
  • mark the check box that says "moderate comments"
  • that's it.
Now, every comment that you get will be sent to you by email. If you'd like to make it visible, there's already a link in the email to do that with one simple click. It really takes no time at all and if we all do this it should have a serious impact on the comment spammers.
I hope everyone does this. Now.
If you agree, do these steps and link back to this post. We'll see if we can make this into something that actually helps.

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