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[Audio Interview] Randy Miller on MSF Agile and software modeling techniques

I chatted with Randy Miller, the guy who practically wrote MSF, for a very interesting half hour (due to technical difficulties we had to stop early). The interview revolves around MSF-  the Microsoft Solution Framework for creating software processes, its origins, its main goals and benefits and how it fits in with Microsoft Team System. We also talk a little about how it compares to other processes such as the Rational Unified Process. The conversation also turns into the fascinating topic of software modeling today and the use of "Personas" to capture design requirements. more stuff: MSF vs. CMMI, empowering developers in the development process, and the future of MSF.
Go Download (36 minutes,MP3)
(as always, there are many other interviews on the download page which you may find interesting.)

Randy Miller (also known as Granville Miller) is author of Advanced Use Case Modeling and A Practical Guide to Extreme Programming.  He has spoken at many national events including OOPSLA, Web Services Edge, Software Development West, Microsoft TechEd and others.  He has also spoken for SPIN in the past ( You can find out more about Randy's work from his blog at:  You can learn more about Visual Studio 2005 Team System at:  And specifically about its plans to support the Agile methodology at: .

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