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Rally Software are doing it right

Rally Software are an Agile development-related company. Personally, I think someone over there "gets" how the web works, and how the Agile world and the blogsphere world work, and they combine the knowledge with some very cool things that they provide on their website, for free. That is, free after you answer some personal questions (not too bad, methinks).
For example, they have several white papers and webinars (power point+ voice over media player) on Agile development with some of the top Agile folks in the world (Jim Highsmith, for example) ready for download, and they have quite an informational and interesting newsletter that comes out every once in a while.
In any case, the point I'm trying to make here is that, no, I am not affiliated with them, but I applaud their efforts in contributing to the community and by that also helping themselves.
May we see more like this!

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