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[OT] Horrible movie about how fur coats are made

This horrible and very hard to watch movie was emailed as a link that's going around these days. It shows how furs are actually "made". It's amazing how much cruelty there is to animals here, being stripped alive. I actually stopped watching 20 seconds in. I'm putting this here so that I'll always remember why people are the worst predator of all.
I'm no saint myself. I eat meat, burgers, all that. But truly - this movie is the reason I'll *at least* never buy a fur coat . ever.
Update (15.9):
Looks like Castro , a big clothing store chain in Israel has announced it will stop marketing fur, due to customer ban and pressure from various groups. This was the result of a couple of months of angry emails on the Internet, some of them showing the horrible movie I mentioned above. (news link is in Hebrew)

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