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[Audio Interview] Johanna Rothman - Secrets of great management

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If you feel you have something important to share with the community, something you're an expert at, and feel that everyone can learn a thing or two from you, read this, and maybe we'll get you on the air.

I've been procrastinating on editing this one since December, It's about time this one is heard in public!

Johanna Rothman keeps coming back to Israel to teach management courses and consult and, well , I just love talking to her so much I keep asking her to do more and more interviews with me. Amazingly, she agrees every time. This time Johanna talks about topics from her new book out with Esther Derby - "Behind Closed Doors : Secrets of Great Management": Learning to delegate, coaching effectively, giving effective feedback, what makes for effective meetings, Solving problems and some planning tips.

If you've listened to any of the other interviews with Johanna this is a nice take off from some of the topics Johanna has talked about in the past. This time we are concentrating more on the managerial side of things - things any new team lead or project lead needs to hear and read about.

Language - English.

Go Download (97 Min in 2 parts, MP3)


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