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Blog related mobile software(asked for)+ Weirdest windows mobile feature ever

I've finally gotten my precious PDA-Phone and...
What do you guys recommend in ways of a blog reading software and blog writing software?
It needs to support Windows Mobile 5.0 and the blog posting app should support the MetaweblogApi (.TEXT, Community Server etc..)
Overall Windows Mobile 5.0 looks really nice, but there are several quirks in it that I just don't get (which I hope to post about when I have more time).
The weirdest one? There's an "X" button to close open applications, right? It seems it does not really close them, but merely minimizes them. Slowly but surely, you begin to eat up memory on your pocket PC without even realizing it.
How silly! You actually need to download special software (some free, some not) that replaces that 'X' with one that actually works.

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