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Oren Ellenbogen rocked last night about Generics, Delegates and Anonymous Methods.

Update: His slides and demos are posted here .
Last night was a very good meeting of the C#/C++ users group. Oren Ellenbogen spoke about Advanced usage of Generics, delegates and anonymous methods to a crowd who really wanted to know. The result - a very informative lecture. Oren mainly covered using Anonymous delegates to send logic to various utility methods (much like the use of Array.ForEach in .NET 2.0 but a couple more scenarios). The best part of the talk was near the end when he covered his rules of refactoring your code into using these patterns (which I don't remember fully but He'll blog about them soon).
Oren Promised to put the slides and demos up on his blog, including some code samples and libraries to help unit test these patterns more easily. I'm intrigued.
Good Talk Oren. Keep it up!

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