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Two Powerful Generic Collections And Algorithms Libraries

Two very good resource links that Oren pointed out to in at the end of his presentation about advanced use of Generics and Delegates are two powerful Generic Collection Frameworks:
"Power Collections extends the Base Class Library with an algorithms class and a series of new containers. This has been created by you, the developer community. We ask for your input on the specification, design and code and invite you to submit your own.
"C5 provides functionality and data structures not provided by the standard .Net System.Collections.Generic namespace, such as persistent tree data structures, heap based priority queues, hash indexed array lists and linked lists, and events on collection changes. Also, it is more comprehensive than collection class libraries on other similar platforms, such as Java. Unlike many other collection class libraries, C5 is designed with a strict policy of supporting "code to interface not implementation"."
The clear power winner of these two is the C5 Library. It has lots of new classes seems to be very well thought out. I haven't gotten the chance to use either of these in my projects yet, but playing around with them I was very impressed with both.

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