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Scott is so totally wrong - it hurts to read. He thinks  FAR and xplorer2 are the best explorer replacements ever, but personally I think once he tries Total Commander, he'll never go back (the UI looks like an oldie, but it has more features than both combined, methinks)
Oh, and have I mentioned how much I like Larkware yet? I like it a lot! Unfortunately, I haven't had enough time lately to check it out, so here's a collection of links posted there in the last month or so, which I find interesting:
  • - Make up your own URL, paste in data, go to another machine, visit the URL, copy the data back. An easy way to use HTTP to transport data between computers.
  • csUnit 2.1.1 BETA - This unit-testing tool for .NET now supports .NET 2.0 and Visual Studio 2005.
  • Automise - VSoft has released their general-purpose automation utility, with a GUI based on the fantastic FinalBuilder. You can download a 30-day eval copy here, or license it starting at $195
In other news
  • NUnit 2.2.5 Released
    This is an update to the recent 2.2.4 release, the first new production release of NUnit in over a year. See this blog entry for a summary of features and links to the release
  • Ohad keeps making his Beat-Box Demo cooler and cooler.It's for Tech-Ed Israel and demonstrates creating a beat mixing application that uses EntLib for all it's backend stuff.  I saw this live and this is indeed a demo for the books. In fact, he should distribute it after Tech-Ed Israel with source, because this is one cool demo!
That's it. Nothing else interesting happening out there for us .NET techies.
Really. I swear.
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