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Resharper Vs. Refactor! and CodeRush - Let the games begin.

It feels like the VS.NET Add-in wars are coming this way again, and I'm glad. Here's what DevExpress had to say on this unofficial blog post:
"Just as a taster, how about these: Refactor! Pro 2.0 has more than twice as many refactorings as ReSharper 2.0; CodeRush 2.0 has a revolutionary next-generation template engine that delivers a significant boost in power, productivity and efficiency"
I've been using Resharper 2.0 (which just opened a blog too)for the past month and it's been nothing but pure pleasure to keep finding out niftly little helper features(XML Refactoring and Schema help). As it stands, for me CodeRush + Refactor Pro! have Nothing on Resharper except nice graphics and a more confusing set of options than Microsoft Office. 
I'd love for DevExpress to change my mind on this. I think they could, given the amount of Refactorings. But it doesn't end there. The 2nd best feature about Resharper is the navigation Abilities - finding a class or a file easily, global intellisense (not requiring using, and adds it automatically) is another one.
Add these two, and you just might win my heart, DevExpress.
Bring it on!

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