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This week at the C# User group - Hardcore ASP.NET 2.0 [Dan Amiga]

I'll be hosting the meeting of the Israel Visual C#/C++ User's group this week due to scheduling problems on part of the original hosts of the group, Shai Bar Lev and Moshe Raab.
So what's the meeting about? Read the abstract below.

Israel Visual C++ Users Group June Meeting

Date: Wednesday, June 21, 2006, 17:00 - 20:00

Place: Microsoft Israel

Hapnina 2 (Amdocs Building)

Ground Floor


+972 (9) 762-5100

Parking is available at the Kurkar parking lot. Proceed straight past the traffic circle and the parking lot will be on your right.

Topic: Hardcore ASP.NET 2.0

Lecturer: Dan Amiga

 This session is all about really understanding the internals of ASP.NET 2.0 and cruising it’s (highly usable) dark corners.

I’ve carefully selected the topics to suit all developers so that even if you are not inheriting from System.Web.UI.Page all day you’d be very interested in how you can leverage

ASP.NET 2.0 to answer non functional system requirements such as: scaling, concurrency, session handling, monitoring, hosting, design time behavior and much more.

These are the topics too deep to cover in class:

·         ISAPI Filters & Extensions. IIS 7 and ISAPI

·         System.Web.Hosting, HttpRuntime, HttpApplicationFactory,PageHandlerFactory,IHttpHandlerFactory and the multi threaded pipeline.

·         PreCompilation,  Dynamic compilation and  no compilation..

·         BuildProviders and ExpressionBuilders

·         Utilizing Completion and Worker threads to achieve asynchronous page execution.

·         Caching internals – synchronization, HttpCachePolicy and the famous SqlCacheDependency

·         Session state internals – readonly state, read/write state, and the state provider to boost performance.

·         Viewstate and ControlState Internals - LosFormatter and the ObjectStateFormatter

·         Custom controls internals – Control&Template Attributes, composition, callbacks (simple, atlas), web resources, adaptive rendering and design time behavior.

·         Health monitoring through WebEvents and smart exception handling


Dan Amiga is a solution architect at Advantech, Microsoft Division (Magen-MTC) where he leads and mentors all flavors of companies and organizations on how to solve business critical problems using Microsoft technology and server platforms. He has delivered many seminars, courses and hands-on training on developing distributed applications; Win applications, ASP.NET, WinFX, security and databases. Dan is also a known presenter and speaks at national conferences such as TechED, Microsoft Launch Events, Architecture usergroup, Security usergroup and other community events.

See you there!

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