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Could JaJah be the next Skype Killer? Almost

If only you were able to initiate calls *without* a real phone, I think it would.
To start, - an Israeli startup company has had this product for about a year now. What it does is allow you to call free (like skype) between users. the catch is this: you don't install any software. YOu go to the site, click who you'd like to call, and where you're calling from (two real phone numbers), and a minute later both parties get a call to their number and can talk freely.
If one of the sides isn't regisatered, you pay for th call with very low rates (2.5 cents per minute for europe and a littel higher for US).
if you can read herbrew - here's an article about it. If you can -  just give it a try. It seems to rock.
Update: Israeli users don't have free calls (Israel does not allow that option for now). But US subscribers do.
I guess we're screwed again!

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