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How to setup your own online business - The Geek's guide

Every once in a while I come across someone who asks me various technical stuff about my business like how I manage my email, where do I host my site etc. So I wrote up a short article that might help future readers with the same questions.

First Technical Steps to create your own business

Here are some points I answer there: 

  • Don't leave before you have  a business card
  • How do I get a domain?
  • Should I get a ".com" domain or one for my own country?
  • How do I manage my domain(s)?
  • Web hosting
  • I want to use Exchange for my emails
  • I don't want to use Exchange, and I don't want to pay for a "real" email.
  • I want to have a "catch all" email address
  • I want to build a website


First Technical Steps to managing your own business

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