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Zune - The Hebrew Perspective

I'm not sure how much the marketing people at Microsoft are aware of this, but "Zune"  - their new portable player, has a very "naughty" meaning in Hebrew. How Naughty?

Let's just say that if I were to use it in a sentence it could look like this:

"Would you like to get "Z-une"d and have a cigarette afterwards?"

In fact, it's enough to utter the header on the ZuneScene page to crack up a little smile if you know a little Hebrew :"Dude, You're getting a Zune!"

Small note: To utter it in the "naughty" sense in Hebrew, you'd pronounce it as "Zee-You-n". Saying "Zoon" is close enough, but really means nothing. However, if you compare this with "i-tunes" then "z-une" really does fit the bill quite nicely as "Zune music player" :)

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