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Unit Testing in VS 2008 - Still not there

I'm starting to take a look at VS 2008 and writing down some things that are still "not there":

  • Renaming a class using the "Rename" refactoring still does not change the file name. Are you kidding me?
  • using "prop" snippet produces the shorthand syntax for properties. Nice.
  • This is still all the refactoring we have by default in VS 2008:

image Are you kidding me?

  • You can finally do test inheritance (and many other small blessings. someone is listening)
  • You Still have to using anything that derives from Exception but not the "Exception" type in the "Expected Exception" attribute. Truly silly.
  • the [ExpectedException] attribute is still broken!! This test should fail due to a wrong exception message, but passes:


  • No easy extensibility mechanism.
  • No ability to run NUnit tests.

Someone is not paying enough attention, or has their priorities screwed up.

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