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Dave Platt In Israel - CAB Fans Prepare yourself

image Dave Platt just pinged me to tell me that he'll be doing a 4 day Composite Application Block Workshop over at Idag in Israel. Dave is seriously one of the funniest and most knowledgeable speakers I've met (got to meet him a couple of years back when he was Speaking at TechEd Europe).

He wanted me to help pass on the word about his course, and since I know this guy to be pretty darn good at what he does, I have no problem saying that this should be an interesting course to go to (if you can spring out your wallet, that it..)

Tell them Roy Sent you.

Oh, you should be interested in a couple of books he's written:


Programming Microsoft Composite UI Application Block and Smart Client Software Factory (Pro-Best Practices)

Why Software Sucks...and What You Can Do About It



While you're at it, here are a couple of good resources to learn about the Composite UI application block and the next version named "Acropolis":

You should check the Acropolis team blog and Glen Block’s blog at

What's IoC good for, Really?

The ALT.NET Mailing list is a great place to have a conversation