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Trading Places

You may have heard rumors about me. They're all true, but this one is a new one, and it's true as well. I'll be leaving my place at SELA group on January. It was a great time being there and I learned a lot ,but I feel that I need to do different things and get my hands dirty more as part of my job. That why I've also finished my current work at Mainsoft (I had a contract there for 4 months).

What will I do?

I'm not sure yet. I'm considering a lot of interesting ideas to do with my time. If you think you have a great place that I could fit into with my knowledge areas (or even something I don't know that much about but could learn) I'm always interested in listening.

possible things I'm considering:

- get to have enough time to finish my never ending story while still having a good job

- Join forces with a company I've known for a long time and love their products

- Join forces with old friends who do consulting gigs

- stay on my own (as I did before SELA)

- Go abroad and live there for a year or two with my wife and kid - adventures is a thing I never regret.

- Open my own startup - I have a great idea. Could be a great adventure.

- Find a great company with a great agile team I can be part of

- Be a CTO in some company that would pay me well and let me do my own thing after hours (yes I have a big ego, but an offer like this is on the table..)

- Maybe you have a place I could fit into?

(I don't have a US Work Visa, nor a degree - So if you're there you'll have to help me get a visa to work there...)

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