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Microsoft gets Design For Testability with new MVC framework for ASP.NET- Finally.

The big news out of the ALT.NET Conference so far are from Scott Guthrie, who did a full hour on introducing the new MVP Framework for ASP.NET.

My take away - finally they get it. I wish there were more guthries out there in the b0rg.

The framework if built and designed with testability in mind, which also means it is extensible and pluggable. It could well be a MonoRail killer and the semantics are very easy to use and understand.  Jeffery has more technical info on it here.

It also allows plugging in existing Dependency injection frameworks like Spring and Windsor and there are interfaces for all the important objects that present dependencies (Request, response etc..).

he even showed unit tests with Nunit that ran against controllers. I like it.

I was secretly thinking of asking whether people from the P&P team helped with this, but didn't. I later found out that indeed, a couple of P7P guys helped with the design. that makes me happy because it means things may be starting to change for the better in way of testability and listneing to the community.

This is the best conference I've ever been to.  I'll have a full post on it later.

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