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CodeBetter without the Bellware - Good or Evil?

I thought this was quite funny. Scott Bellware managed to piss someone (Scott K)off so much with his posts, that they went ahead and created  a yahoo pipe that shows the CodeBetter.Com RSS feed with Scott Bellware's feed filtered out:


for some reason they also didn't like Jay Kimble so he's filtered out as well. Just for laughs, if you like the CodeBetter, but want to hold the Bellwarisms, here's an RSS feed for ya  :)


As to my opinion - I don't like the way he puts things, he makes me angry sometimes, and riles me up, but he keeps me honest, and it's good to have an "edge" that you can look at to know when you've drawn too close to.

If the world didn't have bellwares, how would we know to appreciate the JPs in it? and who'd tell us to our face if we screwed up? (they may be wrong sometime, but it's those times they are right that are the important ones)

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