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RikMigrations: Good start on the road to .NET DB Management DSLs?

Here's a library I think could be useful for database management tasks in .NET: RikMigrations. It's based on the idea of Ruby On Rails MIgrations which, since I don't know ruby, is only something I know of from other people.

"RikMigrations is a database migration library for .NET based on the migrations facility provided by Ruby on Rails. It allows simple upgrading and downgrading of databases using .NET code (such as VB or C#) either from the command line or built into your application. Unlike many other migration frameworks, RikMigrations is a stand-alone library which does not rely on a large surrounding framework."

Things still missing from this? no view or Stored procedure support yet. I hope there will be soon.

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Here are a couple of code samples on how to implement DB Migrations in .NET and RikMigrations.

I can see myself building full DSLs for my DBs based on this framework, including versioning and setup\teardown dor full deployments\system tests.

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