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[RowTest] for NUnit, File System Interfaces for unit testing

Two small things of note in the unit testing field for me today:

1) There is am implementation of the [RowTest] Attribute available for NUnit, created using the NUnit Addin model (which you probably didn't know existed). Using this extension you can write tests like this:


Accordingly there is now an Update for TestDriven.NET that allows running this RowTest extension on NUnit tests (used to support only MbUnit for this style). For more information, download and install instructions, go to Jamie's post.


2) Bil SImser released a simple but effective File and FIleContainer wrappers that will help your unit testing needs. it's essentially a couple of interfaces with existing underlying implementations for the File System and ZIP files. Nice, simple, clean.

Basic Guidelines for using RowTest and data driven tests

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