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Leaving for Developer Days 2007 in Belgium - Geek Dinner Anyone?

In less than 12 hours I'll be sitting on a plane heading for Belgium. I'll be speaking at the upcoming Developer & IT Pro Days 20077 conference in Ghent, starting on the 28-29.

The subjects I'll be covering:

I'm leaving so early because it was nearly impossible to get a flight out of Israel - the combination of the upcoming holidays and pending strikes in the airports made ticket prices soar and seats nearly impossible to find. I had to leave 2 days earlier and one day later than expected - 4 days more away from my new kid - Itamar.

Thanks to David Boschmans for helping to make this trip possible still - it almost got canceled, but he made it possible for me to come to Belgium.

Anyways, I'm landing at the morning of Sunday the 25th in Brussels, and from there directly to Ghent.

I'd be happy to join in on any geek dinner on the 25th if there is one, or we could arrange for one if you're interested and are located in Ghent.

Ping me via RoyOsherove @ !

Ghent Geek Dinner - You are welcome!

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