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Slides and demos for talk: Techniques for testing Data Access Code

DevTeach Day 1 is almost finished.

I just finished my second talk today at DevTeach, and it was a blast! People were participating and asking questions, and laughing, and my "Hello DB my old friend" song went rather well too.

Slides and demos for "Techniques for testing Data Access Code"

Here are the slides

Here are the demos

Here's a short clip from the first talk I did today (ok, just the song in the end)

Haven't gotten to see Montreal just yet, as I've gotten from my flights late last night, went to sleep and woke up to do a talk at 9.30 this morning. 16 hours in the air does not go down easy, let me say that.

Still, I'm glad I'm here. This weekend It looks like I'll have until Monday here in Montreal before I go to Edmonton.

Geek Dinner on Friday anyone?

NDemo - Demo Driven Development?

Pretty amazing demo of 3D sound on your headphones