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OR/M Smackdown - Ayende Vs. Ted Neward

The "Object Relational Mapping" Smackdown show between Ayende and Ted Neward has hit the blogsphere, recorded on .NET Rocks.

I've listened to it live, and have not listened to the edited version, but judging from the comments on Oren's blog post about this, it seems that many people are taking Ted to task on how he argued for his side of things.

some random quotes from the comments:

"Ted really lost the plot, however, when he started advocating db4o as a good solution.."

"Ted used a fair few cheap debating tricks, which I would have called him up on very quickly..."

"You were too nice to Ted, Oren :) He made a lot of bold claims but you didn't ask him to back them up one by one"


and more.

I would have loved to see Ted post on his blog about this. I find that doing a written debate can result in a more clarified and backed up explanation of things, because it gives you more time to think about each point.

In any case, you should definitely listen to it.

Some of the topics covered:

  • Using Logic in sprocs
  • sprocs vs. dynamic SQL
  • object databases
  • modeling the database first or the object model first ?
  • more

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