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Debug your Application using a Wiimote

The guys an MainSoft are insanely cool. They developed a product (has a free version)that allows compiling .NET to Java, basically allowing you to have VS 2005 and .NET (VB or C# ) as the front end development environment for real Java applications that can run on J2EE servers (that includes full interop with Java from the .NET point of view such as adding Jar References and such).

But that's not why I'm talking about them right now.

Rafael Mizrahi, the QA Lead at Mainsoft, who's also a known GarageGeek here in Israel, plays true to his nickname, and hacked together a Wiimote powered Visual Studio Debugger. So the same remote that allows you to play Virtual Tennis in Nintendo Wii can now be used to debug and step into your .NET code, and of course, your Java code from .NET using GrassHopper, their application framework).

here is the video he released:


I might start working with Mainsoft in the coming days, should be a lot of fun!

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