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Que Sera Sera - A song about Agile Development

It's been a while since my last developer song, so I recorded another one that I did during some of my recent talks.

This is a song about Agile Development, to the music of "Que Sera Sera".

Here's the MP3. (2.6 MB) (Please do not link directly to the mp3 file, but to the url of this post, thanks)

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The lyrics:


Que Sera Sera - A song about Agile Development

Lyrics by Roy Osherove


When I was just a new team lead

One of the clients came to me

Will we succeed? How much will it cost?

Can you do it in half the time?


Yes, of course we can

Whatever you ask will be

The future is known to me

What you ask will be


The 2nd week the project ran

the client called and asked me this

I changed my mind, we need something!

Can you do it?

You're the man!


Yes... I .. think we can

If we work really hard we will

We'll work nights and ignore the pain

Please don't change your mind again.


On the 10th month the client called

and said that he's moving the project.. abroad

We're running too late

we're doing it wrong

it seems like this is our fate


Que sera sera

Whatever will be will be

The project moved overseas

Que sera sera

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