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Looking for open source contributors to my projects

I've been thinking a lot about doing some active open source development, mainly sharing and getting contributions on my various code and tools from people in the community, and providing them as full open sourced pieces of code.

So I went out and started looking for subversion hosting solutions. this post has a lot of nice options. In finally went with hosting it all on Assembla, which freely gives out both subversion and trac support (source control and bug management) with practically no limit on disk space.

I've set up a page detailing all my open-source ventures, and I'm looking for people to contribute and help make these projects better!

 Open Source Projects I am Involved in (red ones are good candidates to get involved in):

(Let me know if you're interested in contributing to one of these projects by email to Roy at

1) NTestEx

This project is comprised of several sub projects with different abilities. The source code is hosted via svn at:

 The projects in it are:
- XtUnit – (More Info)
- ThreadTester (More Info)
- FxCopUnit (More Info)

2) RegexTools

Hosted via svn at :

- Regulazy (More Info)
- The Regulator (More Info)  
    o Old version (2004) 
    o New version (only source code, was never released)
- Regex Visualizers for VS 2005 (More Info)

3) Keyboard Jedi (more info)

         Hosted via svn at:

43) Amazoner (more info)

         Hosted via svn at: 

Regionerate - Free Code Layout Addin for VS.NET

Multi Threaded Unit Tests with Osherove.ThreadTester