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GeekCon and the Noknok project

I'll be taking part at the upcoming GeekCon (here's a list of current projects that will be built there). It's my first time there. It takes place over two days, at the wingate institute. the idea is to work, uninterrupted, in a geek-enabling environment and at the end of the second da show what you were able to build.

"The GeekCon get-together is an invitation-only creative gathering happening the third year in a row. Our goal is to form a critical mass of technically oriented creative talented people that will think up, create and deploy ideas. Or it's a short summer camp for geeks...  Take your pick."

My own project:

KnockNock - Tap Your password!

KnockNock project - Passwords recognized as tapping with your fingers on the laptop.

The project will use the accelerometers found in various IBM ThinkPads to collect data from the user. It's first use will be to allow the user to enter passwords as a series of taps on the laptop. instead of remembering random characters , the user will just have to remember and tap their favorite short tune.

Knocknock will be able to distinguish different users tapping the same tune based on tap strength and angle(hopefully).  

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