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Source control hosting heats up: Dynamsoft introduces SourceAnywhere

It's usually aimed at the open source crowed with sites like Assembla, SourceForge and others, but now it seems that a new player is in town. Can they make it where others don't charge anything?

Kevin Gao from Dynamsoft pinged me by email to tell me that they have a hosted solution for source control which uses SQL server (kinda like SourceGear Vault only hosted). It's interesting to see another player in this space. Here's what they list on the features side:

"Key features

  • SaaS (Software as a Service) delivery mode
  • Fully managed service: support, maintenance, backup and disaster recovery all included
  • High availability: hosted in a N+1 redundant data center
  • High SourceSafe GUI similarity
  • High reliability: SQL Server is used to ensure your data integrity
  • High performance: sign up today and experience it
  • High security: SSL, password policy
  • Cross platform: Windows, Linux, Mac, Solaris and any Java compatible platforms
  • IDE integration: Visual Studio, Eclipse, Dreamweaver plug-in

Key benefits

  • Simplify your IT infrastructure
  • Lower your total cost of ownership and increase your cost predictability
  • Improve the productivity of your development team
  • Help your team focus on what you do best - developing your leading applications "

It also looks exactly like SourceSafe:


Interesting. Has anyone had any experience with this yet?

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