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June in Norway - The Norwegian Developers Conference

Ah, Norway. It's been a long time since I've been there and it's time to go back. I'll be speaking at the Norwegian Developers Conference June 17-18 (which I hear is an amazing time to be in Norway BTW, and I'll be bringing along my guitar :)

I think its the first one so I was pretty excited that they wanted me to show up along with people who I've always admired as speakers (The Hanselman, The Chappell and the Agile Guru that is the Mary).

First day is going to be pure tech and the second on is pure agile. I'll be doing a total of 8 talks - 4 per day. The second day is probably going to be pure unit testing talks and practices and the first day is going to be a mixture of LINQ, Reflection, Threading and more.

See you there!

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